Our Team

Lorem Rehab employs expert, committed and experienced staff.

Lorem’s nationwide panel of professionals are able to provide convenient medical assessment, and provides the following:

Early Treatment

Early Treatment is clinically driven and has been developed to identify any requirement for rehabilitation treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Through early intervention, the service maximises the benefit of any rehabilitation treatments, helping our patients to improve their health and wellbeing as quickly as possible.

Home Service

Home Service is for patients who have suffered soft tissue injuries and are unable to attend a clinic we have developed a home mobilisation service.

As an alternative to the traditional treatment approach, the patient’s case is managed by a professional in the comfort of the patient’s home.

This service has been specifically designed for patients whom are:

  • Disable and have difficulties visiting a clinic
  • Work or have dependants, which cause timing of an appointment being inappropriate.
  • Do not have means of transport


We are able to arrange a series of diagnostic investigations including X-Rays, MRI, Bone Scans, CT Scans, surgical procedures, radiological and scanning services.

We have strong working relationship with a number of leading diagnostic providers throughout the UK, allowing us to ensure a booking convenient to our patients needs.

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